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Research with and by Children and Young People

Research ‘about’, ‘with’ and ‘by’ Children and Young People

OUR VOICES provides practical support and guidance for anyone who wants to undertake research ‘with and by’ children and young people which:

Engages with children and young people’s views

Encourages children and young people’s curiosity to participate in research

OUR VOICES draws upon The Open University’s extensive experience working with children and young people; particularly the work of The Children’s Research Centre and The Centre for Children and Young People’s Wellbeing encapsulated in our TRREEE Principles for research with children and young people.

OUR VOICES is for everyone interested in research which engages children and young people and their views of the world

How to use OUR VOICES

Illustration of two young people

For children and young people

OUR VOICES helps children and young people to get the most out of taking part in research. ‘Think About It’ activities on the website and a ‘Helping people with their research’ journal helps you prepare to take part in someone else’s research. More importantly, OUR VOICES encourages young people to think about their own ideas for research using a ‘Doing Research’ journal.

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For adult practitioners & policy makers

This site invites you to reflect upon ways you can engage with children and young people using THINK ABOUT activities. Your reflections can be captured in a ‘Planning Research with Children and Young People Journal’ which will help you plan future work.

OUR VOICES investigates WHAT research with children and young people can be, exploring a wide SPECTRUM of research approaches, particularly research ‘with’ and ‘led’ by children and young people all underpinned by the TRREEE principles. OUR VOICES goes on to consider two key questions: WHY and HOW children, young people and adults should engage in productive research together.

WHY involve young people in research?

Involving children and young people in research can:

  1. Create better research
  2. Fulfil children’s rights
  3. Support children’s agency and empowerment
  4. Build more critical communities of children and young people

Our approach to research with children & young people

The TRREEE Principles
This short animation illustrates how our TRREEE principles underpin our approach

HOW to involve young people in research?

Research ‘about, with and by’ children and young people is rooted in children’s unique view of the world. Young people are seen as capable social actors with unique views of the world.

Watch our short animation to learn more about conducting research with young people.

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