Ref: Cook,T. and Hess,E. (2007) ‘What the camera sees and from whose perspective. Fun methodologies for engaging children in enlightening adults’.

AIM: To find out what pupils from an all-ages special school in the UK which was due to close considered important for their enjoyment and feeling included in school life.

OBJECTIVE: To prepare books of photographs which would record of their memories of the school. Each participant prepared their own personal book to keep and contributed to a group book which covered the research groups overall memories of the school.

PARTICIPANTS: Three primary school-aged and four secondary aged girls and boys volunteered to work with researchers on the project.


The children worked in two groups; one primary-aged group and one secondary-aged group.

Each group had three sessions with the lead (adult) researcher:

  1. A planning session thinking about the photographs they would take
  2. A photography session capturing their photographs; each child accompanied by a friend or researcher to assist technically or practically with taking their photographs
  3. Choosing photographs for their personal book to keep and giving captions to each.


Researchers reported: