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The TRREEE Principles

The TRREEE Principles: Get the most from taking part in research

Young people can make valuable contributions to research. There are ways you can prepare to make a strong contribution.

These will also help you to get the most from taking part:


You should trust the people leading research. People leading research should explain what the research is about. They should answer all your questions clearly. You should always feel they have your best interests in mind.


You should feel your views are welcomed, listened to, believed and valued.


Young people have rights. There is an international organisation called The United Nations. For instance:

  • You have a right to express your views
  • You should feel that people listen to you carefully.

The United Nations has prepared a list of young people’s rights - find out more on their website.


Research should be helpful and support young people. Information you share should be used carefully. You should be able to choose how you take part. You should be able to withdraw from research without feeling worried.


Your views are valuable.


You should enjoy taking part in research. You should feel proud that you have helped.

The best research happens when young people and researchers work well together.

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